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The first Direct Drive Sytem


Unifreezing BV delivered already the first direct drive systems


In the spring of 2015 we introduced the first patented direct drive metal belt spiral system on the world wide market.

We are proud that we delivered in December 2015 two direct drive freezers to a customer, who is famous and well known for desserts and ice cream.

Unifreezing BV did an amazing job to build these two direct drive systems in 6 weeks. The customer took the freezers immediately in full production and was enthousiast about the results! Trouble free production, a lot quicker than tradional low tensioning systems, quality of freezing much better, zero slip and low energy costs.

Please be convinced that Unifreezing BV is the only and right partner for your cooling and freezing production. We have 20 years of knowlegde and the most experienced engineers who design high technology coolers and freezers. We deliver systems which meets the highest hygienic standards for the foodbusiness.

Reliable, knowledgeable and custommade are our goals. Remember our name: Unifreezing BV.

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