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IQF frozen

IQF frozen and its design

The unique concept of the fully stainless steel welded Advanced Impingement Freezers meets the strictest hygiene requirements. Each module consists of an insulated stainless steel housing, equipped with a fully welded framework and evaporator. This all leads to Individually Quickly Frozen (IQF) food and beverages whenever and wherever you need.

Efficienty of IQF frozen products

Our spiral freezers are so smartly designed that the same air temperature and air speed maintains throughout all tiers and layers of the object. This structure minimizes the retention time for the food products to be frozen and reduces weight loss even more! This all generates more money for those who care about profits.


The Individual Quick Freezing technology used in our freezers, ensures that the frozen food products indeed retain their nutritional values, texture and visual and taste aspects. This guarantees excellent production quality as well. Furthermore, it saves you time ánd money.

Get in touch with us about the technology

Are you interested in our IQF frozen technology? Do you want more information about our spiral freezing techniques and the benefits they give you? Get in touch with us! Use Contact to reach us. Use that same button to reach us with all your questions.

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