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Here's what we do the best - ultimate freezing solutions from

  • Spiral Freezer & cooler
  • Ambient spiral cooler
  • Tunnel Freezer (IQF)
  • Cartonbox Freezer
  • Foil & belt Freezer
  • Plate Freezers (horizontal & vertical)
  • Impingement Freezer
  • Glazing lines

    Spiral Freezing & Cooling systems are intended for long-ron production companies. Their size and capacity are custom made.

    They combine high effenciency with medium size.
    Modular construction will fit any type of productionlines. providing best quality you can get.
    As option we deliver the Spiral freezer with a special hygienic belt support.

    Our freezers are available with conventional freezing systems
    (NH3 ammonia / Freon)


    Our unique direct drive spiral systems are designed with a driven sprocket wheel on each tier on the outside of the belt, and thus creates a spiral system with zero slip. This direct drive system is particularly outstanding for spiral Coolers and Spiral Freezers. With out Unifreezing BV direct drive spiral system you are ready for the future.


    If you want to avoid exceeding high temperature by your product before next processing.

    Contact us and our cooling solutions will help to solves this problem! We will collect all necessary data and provide you a ready sollution, intented for you product and production line.


    Custom made Tunnel Freezer are dedicated for space saving and efficiency.

    Our Freezer meets the highiest quality and hygiene standards.

    Compact unitized
    portable package
    complete stainless steel
    compact energy saving enclosure
    high efficiency
    2 belt system
    no defrosting necessary over 24 h


    Carton box Freezers are used for automatic continous operation for freezing on package poultry.

    Other products, like meat, are also possible.

    Capacity range from 2000kg/h till 6000 kg/h
    custom made design
    different layoust are possible
    complete installation by own staff


    This is the Unifreezing foil / belt freezer. In this system we work with pillow plate. This pillow plate ensures a optimal cooling transfer. With this foil freezer it is possible to freeze a 1mm bottom on your product in a verry short time. With this freezer you stop band imprint in your product. This freezer will make that you deliver a top quality product.

    We also deliver this system as option with a continous belt. It means that you don’t use foil. For this systems is together with a belt supplier a special belt engineered who ensures a optimum cool transfer.

    Basis is bottom cooling, and as option we also deliver it with bottom and top cooling.


    Vertical plate freezers are usually applied for freezing of large quantities of fish or meat. In general the coolant for the plates freezers is; Ammonia, CO2 or synthetic refrigerants.

    Unifreezing delivers vertical plate freezers that are developed to be cooled by natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2. With the use of CO2, a temperature of-50 degrees Celsius is possible inside the plates, achieving a significantly shorter freezing time of the product, consequentially increasing the capacity of the plates freezer (minimum 25%).

    The plate freezers can also be cooled with synthetic refrigerants such as R507 or R404A.


    These plate freezers can be supplied with or without insulated enclosure freezers and are mostly used for freezing of more expensive fish products such as fish fillets, shrimp and surimi but also for meat fillets as poultry.

    The products which are frozen in horizontal plates freezers are usually pre-packed in a carton or an aluminium tray before the product is put in the horizontal plate freezer.


    The Unifreezing impingement freezer is a full Stainless freezing machine. The enclosure are inside and outside full welded. Also this Unifreezing impingement freezer is engineered with the highest hygiene requirements.

    Applications for the Unifreezing Impingement Freezer are:

    Full freezing of flat / thin products such as burgers and fish fillets
    Re-freezing seafood products after glazing
    Crust freezing meat logs of regular and irregular size


    We also made different kind of custom made glazing lines. In this system we use the newest technology for spraying the products. With this system we spray cold water as fine as steam.

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