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Ambient spiral freezer

Ambient spiral freezer

The ambient spiral freezer is a useful and handy designed tool. Fully stainless steel welded spiral modules are in line with the highest food safety standards and will help you take care of your products. Each module consists of an insulated, seamlessly welded stainless steel housing that is equipped with a fully welded spiral framework and evaporator. Using spiral freezers makes it easy to live up to the highest form of hygiene when it comes to food and beverages. It generates more money as well.

Generating more money

We designed our spiral freezers in a way that the same air temperature and air speed maintains throughout all tiers and layers. Our ambient spiral freezer freezes and or cools down the food and beverages that it surrounds. This process further minimizes the retention time for products to be frozen and reduces weight loss. After all, less and less products will be overdue or thrown away because the temperature is too hot. This all generates more money for our customers will saving at the same time.

Save time and money

Our system is mounted on an adjustable feet. The adjustable feet means you no longer need a concrete base and/or floor heating system to use the ambient spiral freezer. The installation time will be reduced to an absolute minimum, you will save money at the same time and are able to start working right away.

Easy to carry and maintain

All our bearings and drives are placed outside the unit, which simplifies maintenance. It improves the hygiene at the same time. Therefore, no additional heat has to be added from the motor into the freezing enclosure and ambient spiral freezers. Our freezers require smaller footprints and are easy to carry because of its design. Besides easy carrying, you will have no trouble disconnecting, re-locating and re-connecting the freezers at a location of your choice. Easy, right?

For further information

Are you interested in a ambient spiral freezer from Do you want more information about our spiral freezing techniques and the pro’s that you could benefit from? We invite you to use Contact to get in touch with us and order freezers. You could use that same link to ask us all of your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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